Un poléoscope : poème en proses et en poèmes

Year: 1990

Author: Michel Deguy 1930

Artist: Ufan Lee 1936

Publisher: Collectif Génération

Un poléoscope : poème en proses et en poèmes, cover

According to poet and philosopher Michel Deguy, philosophy and poetry are inextricably connected to each other. Philosophy and poetry both gain potency and relevance by moving the boundaries of doing and of writing.

Ufan Lee

Ufan Lee has been experimenting with a single brushstroke since the 1970s. He douses his broad brush in ocean-blue paint and draws it across canvas or paper until it no longer gives off any more paint. In the 1990s, Lee practiced this simple brushstroke so much that it radiates an enormous power. Besides being a writer, sculptor and painter, Ufan Lee is also a philosopher, like Deguy. He was born in Seoul (Korea), lives in Japan, but works in Paris and travels all over the world.


Poet Deguy has writing and philosophy in common with illustrator Ufan Lee. Their collaboration resulted in the artist's book Un poléoscope: poème en proses et en poèmes. The text is printed, the illustrations are unique hand-painted artworks. Ufan Lee was responsible for this Far East edition (edition Extrême Orient); for two other editions, Lucio Pozzi and David Jones provided the illustrations. The word 'poléoscope' was inspired by the Greek term for city observatory. The poems by Deguy are philosophical-poetical observations of cities around the world: not just Paris and Tokyo, but also Venice, Rome, Pretoria, Soweto, Shanghai, Nankin, Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Lima and Kyoto are featured in the series.

Bibliographical description

Description: Un poléoscope : poème en proses et en poèmes / Michel Deguy ; mises en question Ufan Lee. – Colombes : Collectif Génération, 1990. - [41] p. : ill. ; 35 cm

Printer: Alain Sanchez

Edition: 17 copies

This copy: Number 3 of 17 on Chiffon Richard de Bas

Note: Numbered and signed by the artist.

Bibliography: Bénézit 8-424

Shelfmark: KW Koopm K 338


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